Shotcut Video Filter: Jitter

Author: Elusien©2019 ( Licence: MIT

Jitter is a Shotcut Video Filter that creates a jittery or juddery clip. It does this by replacing a number of frames with a previous one. The parameter can be key-framed (see the screenshot below). If you set the parameter to 0 you will see no jitter, if you set it to 1 you will see every odd frame replaced by the even frame that precedes it, if you set it to 2 you will see the frame sequence 000333666999....

Filter Parameters
Name Description
Amount The amount of jitter as a number of frames.

Download: ZIP file


  1. Download the ZIP file above, either by clicking it, or right-clicking and choosing "Save target as";
  2. Extract the Zipfile into your Shotcut filters folder (directory), which is beneath the folder in which Shotcut is installed. For example on Windows systems it may be:
     C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters 
    while on linux it may be:
  3. Start Shotcut and the new filter will appear in the list of video filters.



The video below shows a video with the amount of jitter set to 5 frames.