Shotcut Video Filter: mask_simple_shape

Author: Marko Cebokli©2010 (frei0r github page) Licence: GPL - Gnu Public Licence

mask_simple_shape is a Shotcut Video Filter that is based on the frei0r alphaspot filter. It can draw some simple shapes into the alpha channel and is intended for "in" and "out" masks in keying, non-rectangular picture-in-picture, transitions, spotlight effects etc. It caters for cascading, allowing it to work with pre-existing alpha and thus enables more complex shapes to be generated. Most of the parameters can be key-framed (see the screenshot below).

Filter Parameters
Name Description
Operation Draw on Clear - which is effectively an "invert";
Maximum, Minimum, Add, Subtract - these latter 4 combine the drawn shape with any pre-existing alpha.
Shape Selects between four shapes: rectangle, elipse, triangle and diamond.
HorizontalThe position of the shape along the x-axis.
Vertical The position of the shape along the y-axis.
Width The width of the shape.
Height The height of the shape.
Rotation The angle at which the shape is rotated.
Softness The "blurriness" of the shape.

Download: ZIP file


  1. Download the ZIP file above, either by clicking it, or right-clicking and choosing "Save target as";
  2. Extract the Zipfile into your Shotcut filters folder (directory), which is beneath the folder in which Shotcut is installed. For example on Windows systems it may be:
     C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters 
    while on linux it may be:
  3. Start Shotcut and the new filter will appear in the list of video filters.