Shotcut Video Filter: vertigo

Author: Fukuchi Kentarou©2011 (frei0r github page) Licence: GPL - Gnu Public Licence

Vertigo is a Shotcut Video Filter that simulates vertigo or dizziness on behalf of the viewer. It does this using alpha blending of multiple frames of the video, these frames being rotated (or "phased") and zoomed. Both parameters can be key-framed (see the screenshot below).

Filter Parameters
Name Description
Phase IncrementThe amount of rotation of the frames.
Zoom Level The amount of zooming of the frames.

Download: ZIP file


  1. Download the ZIP file above, either by clicking it, or right-clicking and choosing "Save target as";
  2. Extract the Zipfile into your Shotcut filters folder (directory), which is beneath the folder in which Shotcut is installed. For example on Windows systems it may be:
     C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters 
    while on linux it may be:
  3. Start Shotcut and the new filter will appear in the list of video filters.